Tuesday 18 December 2012

B for B

Bitches for Beats
 I made 2 wooden pieces for Singer/Beats maker 
KarenBe's EP DoomBe “Special Blooom!”
launch party on October 5th 2012.
KarenBe is like no other.
Hailing from Hawaii via Barbadian and Syrian parents,
 Karen's childhood memories are of sun-blessed homes where Arabic, 
French and English entwined and where the elders sang in Caribbean cadence. 
Her music and herself is mix of all colors and lights.
"Brand new Vintage"  as she described.

I've listened her tunes and inspired by them lots.
So I really wanted to make some bitches like her music.
 Something new&unique.
I've been thinking that I want to make painting 
made by lots of different pieces like puzzle. 
So it was perfect timing to choose wood 
to make some bitches for Karen...  

Great amount of  cutting&sanding...
(How useful all that power tools man! Budda bless Makita!) 

And I made them yeah.

 Check her voice&beats at