Monday 12 May 2014


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If you are somebody who 
regularly checking my blog, 
sorry I haven’t been updating anything here...
I won’t use blogger anymore.
Instead, I have my new Tumblr page!

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Saturday 21 September 2013

Show's finishing.

Show's finishing.
Today open till 17pm and Sunday open
11am till 16pm.
COMECOME and please make sure, let me know before you come...don't want to miss ya!

Thursday 19 September 2013

Faun and a sleeping woman

SAKI&Bitches presents.
Short  animation.
'Faun and a sleeping woman'

Monday 16 September 2013

Opening time on Monday 16th Oct

Hi there!
Thank you so much for everyone who came on the weekend.
It was fun and busy, really enjoyed that!

So today 16th Oct, show open till 3pm.
Please mail me before you come!

Friday 13 September 2013

Show closed on Satday 14th September

Hi there!
So I am out and paint on Satday 14th,
my show is not open.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

For appointments

Thank You!

Wednesday 4 September 2013

SAKI&B 2nd Solo Show 'The Orchid and The White Foxes'

12th September-22nd September 2013
Opening Party: 6pm Thursday 12th Sep

By appointment only...

The Orchid and The White Foxes

A playground for the rich, Yoshiwara was once Tokyo's most infamous red light district - thanks to its ‘Yujos'. Wrapped in skin as soft as silk, these pretty paramours played the role of ‘shy and timid' but unlike their contemporary, the Geisha, they did more than just entertain. Their lives were as shll reigns true.
In a celebration of heritage and the power of a woman's sexuality, ‘The Orchid and The White Foxes,' is an intimate exhibition by Japanese-born, London-based artist, Saki&B. Though keeping with her trademark theme of hourglass harlots and enigmatic erotica, the artist strays from the eponymous bold black lines and solid vivid colours belonging to her hyper-sexualised characters that flit between the walls of London's streets, and that once hung from the walls of her debut show, ‘Tokyo lady Chatterley.' Now with just a pencil in hand, shades of black and white champion an approach that is softer and subtler in tone.
Luckily, her imagery is not! Her ‘bitches' are just as raw and unapologetic as we have come to love, thanks to the audacious nudes - pretty and open for all to see. They have nothing to hide and everything to show yet they are hardly transparent. This was the Edo period, a time when prostitution was plentiful and Japanese courtesans knew tragedy only too well; like picking a plum that's still green, being prematurely plucked from the tree of life - most as young as 21 - made for a wasted youth.
Though transient, these bold, beautiful ladies left a memorable mark on history, with much being said about the esteemed ‘Oirans'. As the most venerable of the concubines, they offered a high intellect and boasted an array of skills, yet it was ultimately their unwavering confidence that afforded them the most coveted of talents - the ability to play and outwit a man; if a ‘suitor' took a room with an Oiran he was under her command.

As sensual as the orchid flower and as fleeting as the cherry blossom, the milky white visage of these young women often displayed the painterly features of a white fox, a spirit animal that many Japanese believe to be a messenger of God. These were the divine protectors that stood guard on one of the four corners of the grandiose walls that contained the silent chaos of the Japanese courtesan of the Yoshiwara Red light district.

Jasmine Phull 

Wednesday 14 August 2013


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New works "All Services Available,Open till Late"

Hello,my friends.
It's been a long time...
Me & my Bitches are back in London now.

  And, I would like to announce
My new series of work

 "All Services Available,Open till Late"  

posters are now ready.

4 of  lovely Alien Bitches 

printed on A3 sized thick paper.
Bright colours of RISO printings.
Limited 50 sets / Signed.

You can get from my Etsy store
SAKI&Bitches Store

Grab it! 
Only 48 sets are available now! 

Tuesday 18 December 2012

B for B

Bitches for Beats
 I made 2 wooden pieces for Singer/Beats maker 
KarenBe's EP DoomBe “Special Blooom!”
launch party on October 5th 2012.
KarenBe is like no other.
Hailing from Hawaii via Barbadian and Syrian parents,
 Karen's childhood memories are of sun-blessed homes where Arabic, 
French and English entwined and where the elders sang in Caribbean cadence. 
Her music and herself is mix of all colors and lights.
"Brand new Vintage"  as she described.

I've listened her tunes and inspired by them lots.
So I really wanted to make some bitches like her music.
 Something new&unique.
I've been thinking that I want to make painting 
made by lots of different pieces like puzzle. 
So it was perfect timing to choose wood 
to make some bitches for Karen...  

Great amount of  cutting&sanding...
(How useful all that power tools man! Budda bless Makita!) 

And I made them yeah.

 Check her voice&beats at



Wednesday 10 October 2012

Stoked on the Magazine!

My Fixie Bitch on cool fixed bike magazine "STOKED ON FIXED BIKE issue10"
Check that out yo!
Check SOFB Magazine here!

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Karen B and Saki&Bitches present Special Blooom on 5th Oct

Hey guys.
This is really short notice
but I am going to have show with Singer Karen B on this Friday.
I made 2 bitches for this show...
Have a look information below.

Who wants to come for this super dope show??

MF Doom inspired EP Release & art party!

Karen was introduced to the world MF DOOM by DJ, blogger and international go-to-girl, Mimi Fresh
(a big fan of Doom) who said “You should flip some Doom beats”. KarenBe began to listen to Special
Herbs instrumentals. What ensued was “Special Blooom!”, an array of songs, distilled into an unofficial yet infectious EP of remixed tracks from Doom’s Special Herbs


Japanese artist Saki & Bitches co-designed the cover art and created a series of paintings inspired
by the project. KarenBe and Saki & Bitches will be hosting a private invite only showcase unveiling
the project.

Charlie Dark (Rundem Crew)
Moroka (Pollinate Records)
Sandwich Island Bass (Rot10/El Cuco/Top Billin')
Mimi Fresh (Erykah Badu, Macy Gray)
SweeT (Maui-Philly)


Monday 23 July 2012

Whitecross Street Festival

Monday 9 July 2012

Have you seen Jenny?

She's been back in a town and cycle around.
Find Jenny on the bike...